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Skinner CSAP Scores Soar!

The Skinner CSAP scores are in – and student scores soared this year! Northwest Neighborhood Middle Schools is so proud of the students, teachers and staff who are transforming this school into an academically rich environment for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in our neighborhood.

Allow us to share the great news:

Skinner made double-digit gains in median growth percentile for reading and math!

  • 14% increase in reading
  • 12% increase in writing
  • 7th grade median growth percentile for math was 66%, a 26% increase from 2010
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade median growth percentile for reading beat the District 8th grade median growth percentile for reading was 73%
  • 6th grade median growth percentile for writing beat the district

Skinner made double-digit gains for overall proficiency change from 2009-2011

  • 6th grade overall proficiency increased 19%
  • 6th grade increased reading proficiency by 14%
  • 6th grade increased writing proficiency by 26%
  • 6th grade increased math proficiency by 16%
  • 7th grade increased math proficiency by 13%

Other impressive results include:

  • 8th grade Science met the middle school proficiency growth target
  • Students in Special Education increased reading proficiency for the second year in a row
  • English Language Learners, including students who are exited from the program, increased reading proficiency for the fourth year in a row

The hard work and commitment of students and staff alike is paying off, and Skinner is becoming that “go-to school” we’ve always wanted in our neighborhood – it has arts, sports, enrichment and now more rigorous academics.

Join us in being the change – now (and August 2012, August 2013 and beyond) is the time to send your kids to Skinner Middle School.

Skinner Scholars Give Back to the Community

School’s out for summer! But Skinner Cares Day was a big hit with students and the community alike in May before the year ended.

Students planned community service projects all year long in their “learning families,” the small groups that meet several times a week to provide academic and social support for Skinner Scholars.
Projects were as diverse as the students themselves – stocking and preparing boxes at Bievenidos Food Bank on W. 32nd Ave to pitching in to clean up Confluence Park along the Platte River. One group hosted an ice cream party to raise $131.93 to support the Max Fund, a no-kill shelter for abandoned pets.
“We created a big check and presented it to Chelsea, who almost cried with joy because the money would buy 17 bags of dog and cat food and some toys,” explained one student. “We were invited back to come volunteer and we are so excited to come back and help!”
Building community through public service is a key component of Skinner’s vision. Many students made commitments to continue their community volunteering beyond this one day, showing that Skinner Scholars are on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.
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